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The original photograph, from 1967, is of Calle de la Concep-
                       ción Jerónima, not far from Puerta del Sol in central Madrid.

                       The irst week I was in Madrid, as I was pleasantly lost in the
                       meandering streets of an old city, I stumbled upon a guitar
                       shop, and on a whim purchased their second cheapest guitar;
                       then I somehow found my way back to my room. I later wan-
                       dered the streets again, looking for that guitar shop, but was
                       unable to ind it.  My room was temporary (I was staying for
                       a year) so I answered an ad in the newspaper, moved to a dif-
                       ferent part of the City, and forgot about the shop. Two months
                       after moving, standing on the balcony, I noticed there was
                       something strangely familiar about the view:  on the street
                       below, directly across from my new apartment was the shop
                       where I had bought the guitar - - Jose Ramirez Guitars.

                       So here I present for your consideration, a view of the street
                       where I lived and some of the many details of that view.
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